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Four Reasons Why You Should Regularly Deep Clean Your Carpet

Most households expect their carpeting to last several years. Due to their absorbent nature, carpets easily soak in spills and adhere to dirt that if not quickly and properly cleaned, will leave discolorations that makes them look dirty and old. Vacuuming only removes surface dirt and sometimes it is not enough to keep your carpet looking fresh especially if you have children or pets. Despite this, deep carpet cleaning is not a priority to many people. Here’s why it should be:

Stubborn Stain Removal

Red wine, pet urine and grease from food are considered difficult stains. Removing them can be problematic especially if they are not dealt with immediately. Baking soda, borax, peroxide and other home remedies may cause further damage to your carpet if not properly used. Some have been known to cause discolorations from bleaching effects which are harder to fix than the stain itself.
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Allergen and Mold Removal

It is a good idea to regularly deep clean your carpet if you suffer from allergies. Pet dander, bacteria and other allergens stick to carpets the same way dirt does. Mold may sometimes grow on sections of your carpet especially if you recently suffered water damage in your home. Professional deep cleaning services will not only improve the air quality in your home by removing dander, pollen and other allergens, it will also effectively eliminate mold which is responsible for many respiratory ailments.
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Odor Removal

Pet owners and parents know that potty accidents are a fairly common occurrence and they often have tricks to remove them without much incident. Sometimes, the smell of pet urine or feces lingers much longer than the stain itself. Food smells, cigarette smoke and other odors may also seep into your carpet over time.
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Seasonal Cleanse

Your winter boots drag snow and deicing salt into your house as your flip flops bring in sand and grass stains during the summer months. Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas parties mean greater foot traffic in your home and a higher risk of food spills on your carpet. Many people will go on a cleanse after the carefree indulgence in food and drinks over the summer season or after Thanksgiving. This same approach should be taken with your carpet which also undergoes higher exposure to dirt during certain seasons.
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There are many retail steam cleaning gadgets in the market that may be used to deep clean your carpet, but they may not be as powerful as commercial models used by professional deep cleaning services. Furthermore, deep cleaning is tedious, time consuming and has to be done right to prevent mold growth from not drying properly or further sullying from not stain guarding to seal the carpet. Using a professional carpet cleaning service will not only offer you other options like dry cleaning that may be more appropriate to your situation, but also make sure that the work is done properly in a minimal amount of time and leave your carpet looking, feeling and smelling like new.

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