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Four Reasons Why You Should Regularly Deep Clean Your Carpet

Your carpet is by far, one of the most used furnishings in your home and it is normal for certain highly trafficked sections such as the foyer and the living room, to experience faster wear and tear. Stains, burn marks and pets may also contribute to the deterioration of your carpet. Replacing a carpet is not an easy feat and could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the size of the space, the carpet, and installation costs. Carpet repair, is a more affordable and effective option to rejuvenate your flooring without breaking the bank. Before you embark on a carpet repair exercise, it is important to understand the types of carpet repair available in the market. Consulting a professional carpet repair service will help you determine which method is most suitable for you.


This carpet repair method removes the existing carpet hairs or tufts and replaces them with ‘new’ ones. The carpet repair serviceman usually retrieves ‘new’ tufts from carpeting from behind the grippers and as such, matches exactly with your existing carpet and will not cost you extra. This method is highly effective for sections of the carpet that have cigarette burns and stains that won’t come out. Tufting works best on areas that do not exceed two inches in size.
Carpet repair


Large areas of damaged carpet will not benefit from tufting because there simply isn’t enough carpeting behind the grippers to cover the area and even if by some odd chance there is spare carpeting left over from installation, the process is rather tedious on large areas which would benefit more from patching. This simply involves cutting out the damaged piece of carpeting and replacing it with left over carpeting if available or a similar purchased piece.
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Micro Shearing

If you’ve ever accidentally placed a hot iron on the carpet, then you know how deep that burn can be. Tufting will not work on such damage and a more advanced method of carpet repair is required. Micro shearing uses a special machine known as a micro shearer that trims off the singed or melted fibers on the carpet with millimeter precision, revealing the healthy tufts underneath. The machine cuts so precisely and evenly that the difference in length between the repaired surface and the rest of your carpeting is negligible. Micro tufting is best used on plush carpets whose thickness is at least 3mm deep but can be successfully used on carpets with different types of yarn. Besides repair, micro shearing also works well as a grooming tool to remove carpet bearding caused by several years of use.
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Carpet Re-stretching

Carpet re-stretching is ideal for carpet rippling or wrinkling. This is when small pockets form underneath your carpet causing it to bunch up in certain areas. Wrinkles are not only unsightly; they can also cause minor accidents when your foot trips on a ripple. Carpet re-stretching involves pulling stretching the ends of the carpet tight using a machine known as a stretcher and then snipping away excess carpeting before securing the carpet in place.
Professional carpet repair

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