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About Pro Service Finder

Connecting homeowners with prescreened contractors

How & why we started

At Pro Service Finder, LLC our company mission is dedicated to help you easily find qualified, screened contractors and service professionals for all your home repair and maintenance needs. We offer you a great selection of tools and resources that save you the time of calling, searching for, and comparing quality contractors in your area. When you use our site and mobile app our Free Pro Connect tool will analyze your home improvement, repair or project needs to expertly match you with a screened, qualified, service contractor. Our pledge to you is that you will get contacted unlike other services that match but can’t assure contact.

Company Mission

To connect homeowners with prescreened contractors and service professionals who provide quality service to meet their project needs. Our contractor mission is to help great companies get more customers to grow their business.

Find local service providers

How Pro Service Finder Works

Review our services catalogue to ensure that your required service is listed.

Enter your project details in a request form available on our site or app.

Our Pro Connect tool analyzes your request and matches you with a contractor who will then contact you to provide a service quote. The Contractor may request additional information about the project before providing the free quote.

If satisfied with the quote, you may then choose to work with the contractor, who then completes the job.

Pro Service Finder LLC provides these services free of charge to homeowners whose only payment obligation occurs when they contract a service professional.

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As we grow and collect data we plan to give you a new project tool. The tool will use past data to estimate project costs and help you budget for your next project with us.

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