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Types of  Decorative Concrete Paving

Concrete paving becomes necessary in the installation of access areas such as driveways, walkways and entryways. It is also a great solution for the construction of pool decks, patios and other areas that may be susceptible to frequent water exposure. Concrete pro services have benefited from the ever-increasing intertwining of technology and design that makes homeowners gravitate towards decorative concrete paving choices which are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and complementary to other decorative elements of a particular space. In the world of concrete paving, there are two common options, interlocking pavers and stamped concrete. Both require a professional concrete pro service provider to install them for the best possible finish.

I. Interlocking Concrete Pavers

Interlocking concrete pavers, also known as segmental pavers come in various shapes and sizes that interlock for a stronger finish than poured concrete or slabs. They were first made in Holland in the 1940s, as a solution to their shifting soils that often cracked roads. These interlocking bricks or ‘Holland Stones,” provided the much needed flexibility for roads to adapt to movements in the soil without breaking.
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Besides strength and durability, the following are the advantages of interlocking concrete pavers;

• Their permeability allows for a non-skid and non-slip surface making it a good option for homes with children or older family members.
• Permeability also helps prevent and manage flooding from heavy rains and storm water.
• They can be used immediately after installation as they do not require a curing stage.
• Cracked or damaged sections can be easily replaced, eliminating the need for a complete overhaul and making it a cost-effective paving option.

Professional concrete driveway installation


• Installation time is longer as each individual stone must be laid according to the specified pattern.
• Interlocking leaves small gaps between stones that may harbor weeds and other plants that may need to be removed regularly to maintain a tidy look.
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II. Stamped Concrete

Looking for a natural stone finish for your concrete pro work but don’t quite have the cash for it? Look no further than stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is created by first pouring a base slab of one color, and then applying a different color to the base slab as it dries, while using a stamping mat to create the pattern of the natural stone you are trying to mimic.
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• Highly customizable design versatility that can imitate slate, cobblestone, brick flagstone and fieldstone.
• Stamped concrete is durable and resistant to weather effects and splintering.
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• Cracking of concrete can occur but is easily mitigated by proper maintenance by a qualified concrete pro technician.
• Fading of colors may occur after long-term use.
Professional concrete driveway installation

These decorative concrete pro services consist of several intricate steps and special tools that require installation by highly skilled professionals working together so that you are guaranteed a great finished product. Consult one of the contracting professionals we have on Pro Service Finder while planning your concrete pro work so that they may advise you on the best options to match your style, the topography of your space and your budget.

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