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4 Demolition Options for Your Next Project

Got a project requiring demolition in the works? There are several options available to you depending on the purpose of your project, its location and the construction materials of the structure that is to be demolished. Please note that, before any demolition can commence, you will need a site assessment, a complete set of structural blueprints for your building and must have obtained all the necessary demolition permits associated with your project. Pro Service Finder can help you find a Licensed and insured demolition expert who will work with you to ensure that all these are in place and your project goes off without any hassles. The demolition options include the following;


Is by far the most entertaining of demolition methods that is used mainly in urban areas with tall buildings. An implosion involves using explosives to inwardly burst the structural supports that keep a building upright. These explosives are detonated in a sequential manner and must be carefully placed for the implosion to work properly. The detonations are done at specific timings allowing the building to collapse on its own weight.
Home demolition

Crane and Ball

The Crane and ball (or wrecking ball) is one of the most straight-forward no-frills demolition methods used today. It is one of the oldest demolition methods and involves swinging a heavy wrecking ball onto a masonry structure or a concrete building. Crane and Ball demolition work should only be conducted by a qualified professional demolition crew as the wrecking ball can cause a lot of damage if used incorrectly especially when demolishing buildings that are close together. Before you select this demolition method, your qualified demolition professional will assess your building’s proximity to power lines, its proximity to other structures and noise ordinances as wrecking ball demolitions tend to be noisy.
Professional home demolition

Strip-Out Method

The strip-out method, otherwise known as the selective demolition method is an environmentally friendly demolition method because it allows for salvaging of building materials that can be used in future construction projects. It involves stripping out as much wood, metals, brick and even concrete from the building structure. This method is time consuming and labor intensive and is only practical for small to mid-size demolition projects and light-framed buildings.
Commercial building demolition

High-Reach Arm Method

The biggest consideration for using the high-reach or pusher arm demolition method is the height of the building. If it is higher than 20 meters, it qualifies for this method which uses a base machine and a demolition arm. The base machine consists of a tank engine fitted with counterweights and an excavator. The demolition arm can be swapped out for a telescopic boom with a versatile demolition tool such as a hammer or crusher. This method is most effective on steel and concrete structures as well as masonry projects. Besides height, your qualified demolition expert will factor in the projects location and the structure’s shape before recommending this demolition option.
Commercial building demolition

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