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Dumpster Rental

What You Need to Know About Dumpster Rental

Home improvement and remodel projects can be exciting and rewarding for many homeowners if they are carefully planned and executed. These plans include obtaining proper permits, shopping for materials and contracting qualified professionals. One often overlooked but very important aspect of home remodel planning is removal of debris. That is where dumpster rental comes in. There are many companies offering this service on Pro Service Finder and the following shortlist will help you in your search for a qualified rental service.

Dumpster Size

Dumpster rentals are available in different sizes depending on the scope of your remodel and the amount of debris it will produce. This is measured in cubic yards where for example, a 10 cubic yard dumpster will hold about one ton of debris. Dumpster rental companies may charge you extra if you exceed the allowed weight of your dumpster to cater for tipping charges at the dump site, so be careful of this to prevent unplanned charges. Small construction projects could benefit from a collapsible dumpster which can hold a maximum of three cubic yards.
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Acceptable Types of Trash

Believe it or not, common every-day materials such as paint, compact fluorescent light bulbs, mattresses and refrigerators are sometimes not included by dumpster companies in their list of acceptable disposable items. If you have these or any other item that you are unsure about or that isn’t listed, be sure to ask the dumpster rental company’s policy on their disposal. Hazardous materials and harmful chemicals such as Freon, batteries and some appliances require specialized disposal methods which are usually handled by your local city but you should find out from the dumpster removal company if they have provisions for this.

Rental Cost

Most dumpster rental companies use size, weight and location to determine the cost of their services, while others charge a flat fee based on your zip code. A 10 cubic yard dumpster rental will set you back on average, anywhere from $295-$375.This price usually includes hauling to the junkyard for disposal. Some dumpster rental professionals offer upgrade plans that give you allowances on the size of dumpster you selected. These upgrades start from as little as $30 and will allow you to put extra weight on the dumpster without a significant cash investment. Collapsible dumpsters usually average about $180 including the cost of the bag and hauling.
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Rental Terms

Choose a dumpster rental service with great customer service and flexible terms that allow you to extend beyond the usual one-week timeline if necessary. This will help you easily adapt to schedule delays without having to worry about paying a lot of extra money.


Older driveways may sometimes suffer scratches from a dumpster’s metallic wheels and more dumpster rental companies are finding innovative ways to mitigate this problem. Look for professionals who put protective layers on your driveway prior to installing the dumpster. Other considerations include how long the professional dumpster service has been in operation, the availability of live customer service and its reviews by previous users.
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