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5 Factors to Consider When Installing a Fence

A correctly installed fence not only provides your home with much-needed privacy and security, but it also improves its aesthetic and commercial value. There are numerous different types of fencing depending on material and use. If it’s time to replace a damaged fence or if you are considering a new fence, you should determine the following.

Purpose of Fence and Fencing Area

To help in project planning you need to measure and calculate the total fencing area. Knowing how much fencing you will need affects the budget, and in turn, the type of fencing to be used. If privacy is a concern, longer fences with limited spacing are ideal. If your fence is mainly for aesthetics, you should select a fence such as a picket fence that does not obscure the view of the house. Other factors such as water exposure, and security risk, should also contribute to your fencing decision as they determine the right fencing options for that space.
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One of the most important factors in any project is knowing how much money you have available, or want to spend. Different fencing materials come at various prices. It makes no sense to plan for a wrought iron fence when you can only afford a chain link fence. To reconcile price with preference, homeowners have opted to mix and match different fencing materials on one fence, They put the more visually pleasing or durable options in more noticeable areas and cheaper, more utilitarian options in obscure areas, to increase value without breaking their budget.
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Local Zoning Ordinances

Find out from your local area council what type of fences are allowed and permits you’ll need before constructing your fence. A qualified local fencing contractor will also know the licensing and permit requirements for this work and should be able to advise you on how to go about obtaining the proper paperwork.
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Maintenance Involved

As with any other part of your home, a fence needs to be properly maintained to keep it visually pleasing and in good working condition for as long as possible. Chain link fences require little to no maintenance after installation. Picket fences and other wooden and vinyl fences may require intermittent repainting and resealing to prevent moisture damage. These maintenance measures require future inputs of time and money and you should determine how much of each you wish to spend, before you purchase and install it.
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Duration of Fencing

Knowing how long you plan on having the fence determines the method and material to be used. If you’re a homeowner you’re most likely in the market for a permanent fence, made of Iron, etc. and post holes filled with pre-mixed concrete for added durability. Whereas if you’re renting and need something that can be easily installed and removed at the end of your lease then a temporary fence is the way to go. There’re products such as EZ-spike™ that eliminate the need for holes and concrete. Our qualified fencing contractors on Pro Service Finder can guide you on what will best suit your needs and budget.
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