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Why a Handyman Is a Homeowner’s Secret Weapon

Home improvement projects vary in size and scope. You may be trying to fix that leaky faucet that’s been dripping for months, or tearing up your entire kitchen for a brand new remodel. Whatever the case, having a skilled set of hands to help you is both practical and time-saving. They don’t just call them handymen for nothing.

What Precisely is a Handyman?

A handyman is someone who works with his or her hands, fixing stuff. Many of them started out informally, repairing broken items around their own homes and then later delved into trade school or picked up trade jobs. Construction sites have several different tradesmen working at the same time and it is easy for a carpenter to pick up plumbing skills after several years on different sites. They are essentially able to work on jobs that involve painting, tiling, carpentry and electrical work among other things. Although handymen don’t require licensing, in NC they will need licenses if your work is electrical, plumbing or heating and cooling. Pro Service Finder’s handyman service providers are carefully screened to ensure that they are qualified for various handyman jobs that you may require.

When to Use a Handyman

Bought a piece of furniture that needs to be assembled? Rather than go through the hassle of reading manuals and stacking up pieces, hire a handyman service to do it. Chances are they will do a better job in half the time. Handyman services are also great for if you’re preparing to put your home on the market and have broken items around the home that need fixing, or making repairs after a home inspection. They are also great for helping you assemble your latest Pinterest DIY project, be it a bird feeder or repairing furniture. They have also been known to handle lawn care and pool maintenance services.
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Preventative Maintenance

It is cost effective for small apartment and business owners to use a handyman service than to have in-house staff conduct occasional repairs in tenants’ homes or offices. Homeowners also benefit from having a preventative maintenance plan that is carried out by a professional handyman service, who will proactively fix problems that could otherwise cost thousands of dollars down the line if neglected. Handyman services are also generally cheaper than other specialized home contractor services allowing you to save costs on smaller problems. The process doesn’t have to be tedious or time consuming. Once your handyman fixes the item that you contracted him or her for, you could do a walk-through with them around your house for them to identify other areas that need repair or that will soon need to be replaced. Together, you can come up with a maintenance plan based on your schedule and your budget, for them to slowly fix these problems. In time, you will find that your home is running smoothly, and that you aren’t spending hundreds of dollars on emergency repair services.
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