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Landscaping and Lawn Care Ideas For Your Home

Nobody wants a rundown lawn surrounding their home. However, work and family can easily take up any extra time that could otherwise be devoted to primping your lawn or you may have ideas that you need help implementing. No two lawns are the same and will have different needs. Fortunately, Pro Service Finder’s landscaping service providers are qualified and experienced to transform even the most challenging lawn into a lush green one.

Plant Hardy Flowers and Shrubs

Planting flowers and shrubs that require low maintenance will add vibrancy and color to your landscaping/lawn care without the necessary investment in time and energy. Cacti and Crinums for example, can withstand long periods without watering and don’t require weeding or fertilizer. Both these plants offer unique visual appeal to any lawn or home garden and don’t require any specialized soil treatment for them to grow.
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Ditch the Rake

Trees provide shade in your lawn where your family and your guests can relax and shelter from the hot sun. Some homeowners shy away from planting trees because of the labor involved in raking leaves during the fall season. This can be resolved by planting non-deciduous shade trees such as Tree ferns that won’t shed their leaves. A lawn care professional will be able to advise you depending on factors that are unique to you such as lawn size, the best non-deciduous trees to plant that are native to your geographical region.
Leaf raking

Use Planters

Suspending planters and flower baskets are a great way to add visual dimension to your landscaping. It is also a great way to add more plants if have a small lawn. Vines and creeping plants do well in suspended planters and can be used to provide privacy and shade to your patio or front deck. Other plants that do well in hanging planters and add a pop of color are variegated sage and purple cordyline. The pots and baskets come in a variety of colors that will enhance the visual appeal of your lawn even as you wait for your flowers to bulb.

Add a Rock Garden

The secret to a great-looking rock garden is in how well it is designed and installed. Rock gardens are versatile and can include rocks, patches of lawn and plants. It can be installed either in your front or back yard and will give your lawn a great visual centerpiece that requires little to no maintenance. Your landscaping contractor will determine the correct positioning for maximum visual appeal and the right plants to accompany it.
Landscaped garden

Mow Your Lawn

Regardless of how well a lawn is landscaped or designed, it will look unkempt if the grass isn’t mowed or has weeds in it. You could add it as a chore to do over the weekend or hire a professional. They will know how low to cut your grass, when to aerate, fertilize as well as prepare it for winter and handle any issues that may arise such as weeds, holes and pest such as chiggers. There’s no replacement for experience.
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