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Do you need to Rent a Portable Toilet? Consider These Things

From construction and camp sites to outdoor weddings and concerts, porta potties have brought the basic comforts of a restroom or water closet to the outdoors. From standalone porta potties to ten stall portable restroom trailers the choices are vast.

If you’re considering renting a portable toilet due to a home remodel, having plumbing issues that may take a while to fix, planning a reception, cookout or reunion the following are the main things you should consider. Consult one of the portable toilet providers we have on Pro Service Finder so that they may advise you on the best options for your next outdoor event.

Number of Units

The number of people that will be using the restroom affects the number of portable toilets you will need. Other factors are; the duration of your event, and whether food and beverages will be served. A good portable toilet rental company will use this information to recommend the right number of units that you should rent and the frequency of waste removal. You should also consider having one or two wheel-chair accessible units to cater for the disabled.
Trailer portable toilet

Rental Period

Portable restroom rental companies have flexible terms allowing for short term rentals, starting from one day, to longer periods of up to several months. A one-day rental could cost anywhere from $50-$100 with many portable toilet rental companies offering discounts for extended rental periods.
Custom portable toilet


We all agree that portable toilets are only used outdoors, but knowing exactly where to place them can be a challenge. Portable toilet rental experts will determine that for you based on the size of the outdoor space, wind direction, accessibility of the toilet waste truck to allow for waste removal, and access to running water.
Construction portable toilets


such as weddings or concerts require accessories to increase the comfort and convenience of your guests while maintaining hygiene. These accessories include; hand-washing stations, extra holding tanks, vanity mirrors and hand sanitizers. Some companies also offer an attendant if you will have a large number of restrooms. Attendants are especially useful for large social gatherings to clean backsplash, wipe sinks, and replace toilet paper and empty trash cans as they fill up. They ensure that your portable toilets remain clean after every use until the end of the event.
Standard portable toilet


Be sure to ask if they charge a flat rate fee that’s all inclusive or if there will be additional fees for water, delivery, power, or cleaning. Some companies may include this in the rental fees while others may charge them as separate additions to the bill.
Construction portable toilets

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