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Pressure Washing

The Secret Ingredient to Your Outdoor Cleaning Jobs

Sometimes a heavy duty cleaning job requires more than soap and water for a spiffy finish. For these kinds of jobs, few tools compare to a pressure washer. Although pressure washers are readily available at your local hardware store to rent or purchase, incorrect handling such as using too much pressure, spraying electrical outlets, can cause accidents or property damage. It makes more sense to hire a qualified professional power washing contractor like those on Pro Service Finder who have the necessary tools and experience to safely and cost effectively handle your power washing needs.

Materials That Should Not Be Power Washed

A Pressure washer should not be used on the following materials as it may cause damage to the surface.
• Fabric on outdoor furniture and cushions
• Plastic furniture
• Free-standing wood furniture
Spraying pesticide

Materials That Can Be Pressure Washed

Most of the materials that make up the exterior of your home can be pressure washed. These include;
• Brick
• Cut stone
• Concrete
• Aluminum
• Wood
Professional sidewalk pressure washing service


The material your deck is made of determines how the deck will be cleaned. Painted or stained decks require a fresh coat every few years to keep them looking good. This form of maintenance may cost several hundred dollars depending on the size of your deck. Using a pressure washer at least once a year restores your deck’s luster without having to use paint while saving you time and money. When the time comes to re-paint your deck, using a power washer to clean it first will help the paint adhere better by removing any dirt on the surface of the deck.
Professional pressure washing service

Sidewalks and Driveways

Sidewalks and driveways are some of the most trafficked areas of your home and as a result, could easily become dirty or stained, even with regular cleaning. Most Professionals use an environmentally friendly solution to presoak the driveway to loosen the oil and grease along with the pressure washer that eliminates as much as 99% of unwanted algae, mold, dirt, and grime. Some companies also apply a special sealant to guard your driveway or sidewalk from rain, hail, and snow, to make them look good as new, just be sure to repair any cracks beforehand.
Professional deck pressure washing service


Roof shingles are your home’s first defense from rain, extreme heat, snow and dust. With time, they may begin to look grimy and may sometimes accumulate algae which thrive in damp areas. In the hot and, humid Southern climate fungus growth on roofs is notorious and weakens the shingles over time. Professional power wash contractors are aware of this and use an algaecide to first kill any algae, and then use soft pressure to power wash your roof. This should be done every 7-10 years to keep your roof in good condition.
Professional sidewalk pressure washing service


Stucco, vinyl brick and painted wood all require different pressure washing methods. A professional will know the proper cleaning solution to water ratio and spray pattern to use to achieve excellent results, help extend the life of your siding and increase your home’s curb appeal.
Professional siding pressure washing service

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