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Two Simple Ways to Make Your Water Heater Last Longer

Water heaters are responsible for many conveniences of the modern home. Warm soothing baths, hot showers, and hot water to clean your dishes and speed up cooking are just some of many ways your water heater makes your life easier. These units are not cheap and cost between $900 and $3,000 for a residential unit with repair work costing anywhere from $350 to $600 depending on severity of damage.

Besides cost, the inconvenience of a broken water heater means having to take cold showers, something that’s just uncomfortable. If you find yourself needing a new water heater or to have your current one fixed contact one of the licensed plumbing service professionals we have on Pro Service Finder who will not only safely and properly install or repair your heater but also offer advice and guidance on a proactive maintenance plan to extended the life of your water heater such as;

Perform a Flush

Minerals like calcium in water will over time, build up in your water heater particularly in hard-water areas. This build up can cause the lower heating element to malfunction in an electric heater. It may also result in the formation of “hotspots” that damage the tank in gas water heaters. Periodically flushing your water heater, which simply means completely draining it of water before filling it back up, is an effective way to prevent these problems.
Before beginning the water heater must be powered off from your fuse box and your water supply should also be off. While it may sound like an easy DIY process improper drainage could cause damage to your floors or the valves on the heater and cost you more money to fix. Contact a licensed plumber who has the necessary tools and experience to safely flush your heater.
Water heater installation

Replace the Anode Rod

Most water heaters have a glass lining to protect the outer shell, which is usually made of steel from rusting. If not properly maintained, the glass lining will crack and the water inside the heater will cause the outer steel element to rust. Installing an anode rod will attract any corrosive elements in your water and prolong the life of your tank. These rods need to be changed about every five years, as they are also made of metals such as magnesium, or aluminum and will also corrode if not replaced. A licensed plumber can safely change out your heater’s anode rod and keep your water heater running optimally for many years.
Drain repair

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