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When to Call On a Tree Service Expert

Trees are good for the environment. They attract rain, purify the air and reduce the greenhouse effect by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and replacing it with oxygen. When it comes to your property, having trees increases aesthetic value, provide shade and can even help reduce your air conditioning bills by cooling the air around your home. Others provide edible fruit that can be enjoyed by your family for years while raising the property value of your home. Much like other parts of your home, trees also need regular maintenance to promote growth, keep them tidy and to prevent property damage and accidents in your home. Pro Service Finder has many qualified professional tree service experts who provide many residential and commercial tree-related services including;


Grooming your tree not only keeps it looking good, it promotes better absorption of sunlight, which aids in photosynthesis while reducing the likelihood of pest and disease infestation. The most common tree grooming techniques are;
• Pruning- Removing excess leaves to promote growth and adequate distribution of sunlight
• Bracing (Cabling)- Supports trees so that they can grow upright
• Thinning- Removing dead or sickly branches from the tree.
• Elevating- Removing lower branches that are closer to the ground


If your tree is damaged, decaying, leaning dangerously or in the path of power lines, it may be time to get rid of it. Removing a mature tree from your property is no easy feat. Even if you have a nifty chain saw, who’s to say that the tree won’t fall in the wrong direction, possibly damaging your property, the neighbor’s property or public property? Using a tree removal expert removes these risks.
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Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps are unsightly and take up space that could be used for other purposes such as landscaping or building a structure. Roots keep on growing if the tree stump is still in place and can damage your plumbing or driveway. Tree stumps are also a favorite place for termites and other ants to set up their colonies. If you felled a tree but forgot about the stump, or if you moved into a property that has an existing one, use a certified tree expert to remove or grind it away.
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Emergency Services

Hurricanes, tornados and other storms are notorious for causing major damage to anything that happens to be on their path. If a tree on your property is felled by a natural disaster, you need a tree removal expert to help with removal of stems, branches and tree debris without causing additional damage to your property. They are convenient and effective, and have the right tools to handle the job quickly. Some even include an emergency tarp to protect areas of your roof damaged by the storm before insurance and repairmen can rectify it.
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Tree Care

If your tree is showing signs of disease or weakness, tree services experts are equipped to perform services that boost its health such as; soil analysis, fertilization and trunk injections, which protect trees from harmful pests and diseases.
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